Our Firm

Rutherford & Associates is a full service event management and communications consulting firm. Al Rutherford founded the firm in 1990. Mr. Rutherford drew upon his expertise in hotel management and sales and marketing within the hospitality industry to create this unique organization. Rutherford & Associates assembles the appropriate team to meet the client’s specific needs. The firm views its role as supplement to the client’s organization. Our services are provided in a professional and cost effective manner.

Rutherford & Associates assists its clients through a suite of services. As consultants Rutherford & Associates is uniquely equipped to review a client’s organization and planning and make the recommendations that will aid the client in meeting their strategic objectives. In addition to consulting services Rutherford & Associates provides Pre-event planning, execution and post-event analysis. During the pre-event phase consultants from Rutherford & Associates travel to the site of the event with the client to conduct meetings with hotel representatives, screen and recommend vendors and lay the ground work for a successful event.

Rutherford & Associates then goes on-site with the client to execute the event.  Rutherford & Associates assembles the ideal team of event professionals to execute the event and carry out the client’s wishes. The Rutherford & Associates team allows the client to focus exclusively on the programming of the event and not the logistics. Rutherford & Associates is accustomed to functioning as the client’s sole representative for convention execution or by augmenting the client’s internal resources.

Once the convention or event has ended the Rutherford & Associates team assists the client with post convention wrap-up and evaluation. We work with the client and hotel to insure proper billing and credit. We also provide the client with all pertinent data from the convention, which allows the client to effectively plan for the future.

We work on an exclusive basis and we only accept those assignments that we can perform effectively and add value. As an outside consultant we are able to maintain independence of thought and action throughout the process.