Attrition Mitigation

At Rutherford & Associates we believe in the adage that “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” however there are occasions where we are brought in to resolve an impending crisis.  We realize that in these uncertain economic times attendance at your conference may not meet expectations.  In response to our clients’ needs and because of our reputation as shrewd and savvy negotiators Rutherford & Associates developed our Attrition Mitigation practice.

  • RESEARCH. Once engaged to assist a client in reducing or eliminating their attrition penalties we conduct a comprehensive review of the hotel contracts involved.  We also review the clients past pick up history and pace reports.  In addition, we review the hotels occupancy levels along with prevailing market conditions that were in effect.
  • NEGOTIATION. After completing our research phase we meet with our client to provide them with a candid assessment of their situation and our strategy for resolving the attrition issue.  Our goal is to present the client’s case in a way that preserves a positive relationship with the hotel and insures the financial solvency of the organization.  This win-win approach has consistently yielded positive results and leads to successful negotiations.
  • RESOLUTION. During the resolution phase we are intimately involved in drafting the contract between the parties.  Our in-house legal team is tasked with reviewing all contracts prior to presentation and signature.  Because of our attention to detail and experience in the hospitality industry our clients’ damages are mitigated and they receive the greatest possible savings.