Event Management

At Rutherford & Associates our Event Management practice focuses on three distinct disciplines.

  • PRE-EVENT PLANNING. Rutherford &Associates is convinced that the success or failure of an event lies in its planning. To that end, in consultation with the client’s representative, Rutherford & Associates develops a schedule for planning and assessment trips with goals and objectives for the visit to the selected destination. Prior to departure for each trip Rutherford & Associates furnishes the client a proposed itinerary of meetings with vendors and venues for their review and approval. Prior to the arrival at the convention site Rutherford & Associates routinely advises the client on the status of their room block.


  • EVENT EXECUTION. During the meeting or event Rutherford & Associates monitors arrivals and departures, oversees hotel pick-up, recommends meal guarantees, audits banquet and audio/visual charges, reviews meeting room set-ups and provides advice and counsel to the client as needed. In order to create a successful meeting environment Rutherford & Associates provides its on-site management expertise. During the convention or event we customarily supervise the ground transportation firms, coordinate security arrangements and manage media relations. Rutherford & Associates if necessary researches and recommends overflow housing options. During the execution of the meeting Rutherford & Associates urges the client to engage in Daily Account Reviews. Rutherford & Associates participates in this review at the client’s request.


  • POST-EVENT ANALYSIS. Rutherford & Associates provides the client with a detailed report at the conclusion of the meeting that includes total registration, hotel pick-up and exhibitor totals. This information allows the client and Rutherford & Associates to successfully plan for the future.