Housing Management

Rutherford & Associates is the housing partner you’ve been seeking. We function as an extension of your team to navigate the intricacies of Housing Management. We leverage our unique knowledge gained through years of industry experience for your success.

  • HOTEL CONTRACT MANAGEMENT. The cornerstone of an efficient Housing Services Program is early and continuing dialogue with the contracted hotels. We provide thorough contract negotiation and review to insure uniformity of contract provisions and practices among hotels. This attention to detail allows us to effectively monitor rates, manage risk, and mitigate attrition.
  • PRE EVENT. Our ability to flawlessly manage and execute allows our clients to focus on the “Big Picture”. Specifically we coordinate the submission of rooming lists to contracted hotels, make rooming assignments if necessary based on registration information, and provide clients with reservation confirmations. We facilitate rooming changes to include additions, deletions, cancellations and name changes, and monitor housing status at all hotels.
  •  ON-SITE MANAGEMENT. Importantly, we provide a dedicated housing team on-site to assist attendees with housing matters, provide real time reporting of housing pick up, and room block utilization during the event. We are able provide solutions during the event to insure your attendees’ complete satisfaction and maximize your return on investment.
  • POST EVENT REPORTING & ANALYSIS. We work with our clients to continually refine and improve their events. We provide final registration audits and reporting in conjunction with comprehensive final accounting documentation. Through our review and analysis of services provided, challenges encountered, and suggested improvements, we are able to provide a blueprint that will enable the implementation of best practices at future events.