Our Services At A Glance

Our services include:

EVENT MANAGEMENT. Our attention to detail and focus allows our clients to concentrate on their  programs and not logistics. We manage events for them that range from 10 to 80,000 attendees.

COMMUNICATIONS. An event is a vehicle to convey a message. We assist our clients in moving their message through brand awareness and enhancement.

SOURCING & SITE SELECTION. Our skilled hospitality professionals will scour the country or the world to assist our clients in locating the appropriate property and then skillfully negotiate their contracts.

HOUSING MANAGEMENT. To the untrained eye housing may seem like an afterthought. However a successful housing program is no accident. We provide the planning and management necessary to insure success.

ATTRITION MITIGATION. Unfortunately, at times events do not go as planned and fail to meet expectations. When this occurs, our dedicated professionals work to minimize the damages.

EXHIBIT & LOGISTICS MANAGEMENT. Trade shows are by their nature complex ventures. We alleviate the stress by managing the logistics of our clients’ exhibits.

SENIOR EXECUTIVE TRAVEL SUPPORT. Whether advancing a CEO on a global tour or a domestic speaking engagement our advance teams insure that every detail is effectively planned and managed.

SPONSORSHIP MANAGEMENT. In response to our clients’ requests, to assist with revenue generation, we work closely with them to create innovative sponsorship and branding opportunities for their customers.