Senior Executive Travel Support

Rutherford & Associates believes that the most valuable commodity an executive has is his or her time. Quite often when an executive is traveling they can become distracted from conducting business because of issues resulting from the travel itself. In order to allow executives at the Chairman/CEO level an opportunity to maximize their productivity and avoid unnecessary distractions, Rutherford & Associates developed our Senior Executive Travel Support Service. This service includes:

  • PRE-TRIP PLANNING. Once a client requests the travel support service Rutherford & Associates reviews every detail of the proposed trip. Once the itinerary is confirmed we work closely with the client’s private air charter or in some cases the commercial airlines. We also confirm and reconfirm all hotel and ground transportation arrangements. When embarking on foreign travel assignments we also work closely with the U.S. State Department to understand the current political and economic situation of the countries the client will visit. We also provide to the client’s security apparatus any information we receive regarding potential threats.
  • ADVANCE PLANNING. As the trip nears, a representative of Rutherford & Associates is dispatched to the cities the client will visit. It is during this time that the Rutherford & Associates consultant will meet with the client’s local staff to review the itinerary in further detail. During the advance-planning phase the consultant will visit all of the sites on the client’s itinerary. It is also during this phase that all air, ground transportation and hotel arrangements are re-confirmed. The consultant then contacts the executive’s staff to discuss any issues that might negatively impact the executive’s productivity.
  • TRIP EXECUTION. The consultant then meets the executive at the first city on his/her itinerary and then travels with the executive and his/her staff for the duration of the trip. While traveling with the executive the consultant serves as the Trip Coordinator and is able to resolve the potential client issues with regard to the remaining cities. Any changes to the itinerary are directed to the Trip Coordinator and he advises the aircrew, hotels and ground transportation services as well as other appropriate parties. This single point of contact traveling with the executive insures that even the most unexpected changes are dealt with smoothly and efficiently.