Sourcing & Site Selection

Rutherford & Associates assists our clients through Sourcing & Site Selection. This service is designed to assist the client in selecting the appropriate destination and venues to meet their strategic meeting objectives. Services include:

  • REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL. Rutherford & Associates undertakes an in depth review and analysis of the clients’ current Request for Proposal. Our consultants pay particular attention to understanding the client’s previous meeting and event history. Among the areas that the consultants review are rate history, room pick-up, meeting space requirements and food and beverage needs. Our consultants also conduct an economic analysis of the meeting to determine the financial benefit to the potential convention destination. Rutherford & Associates is then able to make recommendations and revisions to the client’s Request For Proposal. Rutherford & Associates serves as the clearinghouse for all responses to the Request for Proposal.
  • SITE SELECTION. Once a selection of appropriate cities has been determined, Rutherford & Associates works simultaneously with the client and the Convention & Visitors Bureaus to schedule the site visits. A Rutherford & Associates consultant then travels with the client for the purpose of reviewing the proposed convention destinations. The consultant also serves as a trip coordinator keeping the group on schedule and interfacing with the upcoming cities on the site selection trip to insure the site visit is smooth and efficient. During the site selection process Rutherford & Associates advises the client as to the feasibility of each destination. At the conclusion of the site visits Rutherford & Associates prepares a report for the client’s review that compares each of the destinations and their overall advantages and limitations.
  • NEGOTIATIONS. Once the site has been determined, Rutherford & Associates under takes negotiations on behalf of the client with hotel companies, Convention and Visitors Bureaus and Convention Centers. In addition, Rutherford & Associates typically conducts negotiations with various vendors including: ground transportation, audio/visual, decorator, equipment, security and convention services. We keep our clients abreast of all on-going negotiations and then provide a final document for review and signature.